Verifiable Stored Records

Currently, freelancers face a considerable risk of losing their track record in the industry. For instance, the platforms they work on can experience data loss or hacker attacks. Alternatively, disputes with buyers could lead to permanent bans. A freelancer would find it almost impossible to prove their career exploits and overall performance in both cases.

On the other hand, businesses risk contracting freelancers with fake CVs or false track records.

For example, some freelancers could have false reviews on their profiles. Others could use somebody else's work to make it seem they have higher skills. In both cases, businesses may lose significant funds to misleading freelancers.

On the blockchain, both parties can easily avoid these risks. This technology saves freelancers and businesses alike a verifiable and immutable track record. This way, independent workers do not risk losing their hard-earned career records. Also, companies do not expose their capital to freelancers with tampered reviews and CVs.

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