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[10] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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    What is Uwerx? Uwerx aims to revolutionize the industry by launching the first global, blockchain-powered freelance platform. The freelance economy is booming and offers limitless opportunities. Blockchain technology offers numerous benefits for both businesses and freelancers.
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    What are Uwerx’s key objectives? Through the utilization of blockchain technology, Uwerx will: - Increase trust and security - Substantially lower fees for both businesses and freelancers - Enable verifiable stored records - Disrupt traditional freelance platforms whilst providing tremendous value to both businesses and freelancers
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    What blockchain network will Uwerx be located on? Polygon, due to its established position as the second most popular layer-two to Ethereum. The Uwerx platform itself will be built on the Polygon network.
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    What is the WERX contract address? 0x9b2CFE1608250BEA375c6199b474B402BaD920da
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    Why will freelancers use Uwerx as opposed to traditional freelancing platforms? Uwerx will disrupt traditional freelance platforms to provide value like no other; through the introduction of webinars, joining incentives, performance incentives.
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    What security measures has Uwerx taken? Uwerx has undertaken two audits, you can find our audits here.
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    How do I join the community to talk about Uwerx? We invite you and welcome you to join the Uwerx conversation in our Telegram at Please also follow us on Twitter at
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    When will I receive my WERX tokens? There is a vesting period which you can see further details of here.
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