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Liquidity Lock

Information regarding the future locking of liquidity
The team will lock liquidity immediately after the presale period has ended, for 25 years.
The link will be shared on Twitter, Telegram and also inserted on this page.
If liquidity is unlocked, then the token developers can do what is infamously known as "rugpull".
Liquidity is locked by renouncing the ownership of liquidity pool (LP) tokens for a fixed time period, by sending them to a time-lock smart contract. Without ownership of LP tokens, developers cannot get liquidity pool funds back.
This provides confidence to the investors that the token developers will not run away with the liquidity money. It is now a standard practice that all token developers follow, and this is what really differentiates a scam project from a real one. Locking liquidity will not prevent holders from buying or selling WERX.