Joining Incentives

Through the creation of a token economy, WERX will play a fundamental role in the operation of Uwerx; incentivizing sign ups, performance and activity.

  1. Rewards/Bonuses: Uwerx will offer tokens as a reward to users who perform certain actions such as a sign-up bonus, referring new users, participating in platform activities, contributing content, etc.

  2. Access to Premium Features: Tokens can be used to unlock premium features such as exclusive content, VIP access, higher rewards, etc. This incentivizes users to hold and accumulate tokens.

  3. Voting: Users can earn tokens by using their existing tokens on the platform and participating in decision making through voting mechanisms. This incentivizes users to become active participants in the platform and helps in consensus building.

  4. Token Utility: Tokens can serve as a medium of exchange on the platform for goods, services or other tokens. This incentivizes users to join the platform as it creates a strong network effect and increases the value of the tokens.

  5. Token Burn: Platform can implement token burn mechanisms where a certain portion of tokens are periodically burnt, reducing the total supply and increasing the scarcity of tokens. This incentivizes users to hold and accumulate tokens as it is likely to increase in value over time.

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